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About Compass Industrial Group

Compass Industrial Group consists of salespersons, engineers, project managers, former plant engineers, and technicians who have provided innovative equipment and engineering services for over twenty years. The majority of our experience has dealt with high speed packaging and material handling solutions. Our experience brings a unique skill set to solve your company's production problems. We have worked across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and various other countries. We value our customer's input and routinely use that input to make engineering improvements in our equipment. We strive to produce the highest quality products for a competitive price.

Our Experience

Compass Industrial Group is devoted to delivering complete turnkey solutions for your production needs.

We have experience in multiple applications including:

  • Biscuit and Cracker production
  • Candy and Confectionary production
  • Case filling and handlings systems
  • Material handling solutions

Our Facility

Compass Industrial Group operates from a twenty-five thousand square foot facility near Athens, Georgia. This houses our offices, a stockroom for your spare parts needs, and a generous assembly and testing area. We understand downtime costs you money - we can produce emergency parts in the shortest timeframe possible.