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Denesting & Tray Handling

Compass Industrial Group can help with your denesting applications. We have several options for denesting and tray handling. Check out our denesting videos to see them in action.

TrayFlow Tray Denester

The revolutionary TrayFlow Denester can denest a wide range of trays and cups without vacuum cup or gripper contact. TrayFlow denesters are extremely high speed denesting machines with reliable single lane capabilities up to 120 trays per minute. These machines are very robust and versatile, with a minimum amount of moving components. The TrayFlow uses a direct drive servo motor and a planetary gearbox for precise control and excellent reflex action. Easily handles fragile, lightweight trays at high speed without damage, and equally capable with almost any tray type. Due to the design, the TrayFlow is able to survive in the most arduous of environments with the most minimal of maintenance requirements.


  • Compact, smart, modular design
  • Unrivalled speed and simplicity
  • Fully electronic - Easy set-up
  • Able to speed match with other equipment
  • Handles a diverse range of trays on a single machine
  • Single or Multiple lane magazines
  • Quick, tool-free changeovers
  • Product changeovers by Operators, not Engineers
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Heavy Duty and Robust
  • Easy Clean-Up
  • No belts, pulleys, chains or sprockets
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Handles Rigid and Non-Rigid Trays

Multiple Packaging Products on a Single Machine!

To get the best return on your investment this capability is a must, therefore it is also essential that the machinery performs to its maximum potential for every selected product. We have the right equipment for simple precise and repeatable set-up.

  • Robust Stainless Steel adjusting elements for tool-free size changes
  • Robust, easy to read Stainless Steel Rule Scales
  • Positive Location setups
  • Easy recipe changes
  • No one matches in flexibility and performance

ServoFlow Pick & Place Denester

The ServoFlow Pick & Place Denester is for tray denesting, direct lid placement or picking and placing of other products. As the name suggests, the heart of the unit is a robust servo motor and planetray gearbox. Due to its robust design, the ServoFlow is able to perform secondary operations such as denesting and placing lids directly onto containers, following through with a pressing action to completely close the container in a single action. The modular design enables us to offer these machines in a multitude of standard based formats, including single and double arm models with single or multi-lane magazines to suit any application.


  • Compact, smart, modular design
  • Unrivalled speed and accuracy
  • Single or multi-lane magazines
  • Direct Servo driven for minimum maintenance, maximum efficiency
  • Fully electronic - easy set-up
  • Tool-free size changers
  • Heavy Duty
  • No belts, pulleys or sprockets
  • All Stainless Steel construction with the exception of the actuator arms which are made of anodized aluminum for light weight.

Denester Add-On Options

Our denesters can be selected with the following add-on options:

  • Magazine Level Detection (Re-fill Reminder / Warning)
  • Remote Controls by pushbutton panel or footswitch
  • Extended Horizontal magazine with driven feed, up to 4M of capacity
  • Missing Item Detection
  • Stackable or single high level warning indicators with or without siren

Tray Handling Equipment

After you trays are denested why not build in a buffer system and meter the trays into your production equipment. Compass Industrial Group can help with various solutions.

  • Short buffer conveyors
  • Product Holding devices
  • Synchronisation equipment